Dorothy Handelman Photography

When we were asked to perform our first "News Distillery" live show at the 92nd Street Y, we hoped that someone could preserve the moment for us in still photographs. With her creativity, ease with people, and sense of humor, Dorothy was just the photographer for the job. She captured the spirit of fun and spontaneity in ways that no one else could have.

Mitch Semel

My family and I have been photographed by Dorothy on a number of occasions. She is always a pleasure to work with. I hate being formally photographed, and that discomfort always used to show up in awkward and strained company-commissioned portraits. These were generally awful. Desperate, I hired Dorothy. Her unique combination of talent, professionalism, and easeful good humor resulted in great shots! I have used her for all professional and personal portraiture ever since.

Dorothy is equally talented photographing events. Socially gifted, she manages to blend harmoniously and happily into the crowd while simultaneously and unobtrusively taking great and memorable shots. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Chip Gibson
President and Publisher,
Random House Children's Books

Although most people who meet Maya agree that we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, it is only those who get to know her who can "see" Maya's gorgeous inner beauty. What we love about Dorothy's photography is that somehow she catches the essence of what really makes our daughter so special- her kind, sparkling spirit and joyous personality. The added bonus is that the photo sessions have managed to encourage my daughter's positive feelings about herself. A blossoming self-esteem is invaluable, and hard to come by for teen-aged girls."

Julie Liebman "proud mother of Maya"

I keep getting compliments on my photographs. I am continually amazed by how many people do take the time to comment on my photographs, which I use for professional purposes but also used on my Facebook page. People tell me I look so beautiful and young! But I know the truth - the secret is the photographer who made me appear to best effect. Thank you so much, Dorothy!

Alison Paul

"Working with Dorothy was a true gift! Her artistry and effective use of light are rarely experienced. She is both creative and efficient. I was able to base the majority of my website on the shots she took of my dance company!"

Jessica DiMauro